Ying Yang Twins is an Atlanta-based rap duo consisting of brothers Kaine and D-Roc. The Twins grew up in rough and rowdy East Atlanta, a place that has seen its share of violence and poverty (not to be confused with Atlanta's East Point district). According to the Ying Yang Twins, when they were kids East ATL was a good place to grow up in spite of all the negative things that go on today. "We were raised in East Atlanta," says Kaine. "It's in the heart of Atlanta. It's a rough hood, but people looked out for one another when we were coming up."

Despite the roughness of their of their neighborhood, D-Roc (D'Angelo Holmes) and Kaine (Eric Jackson), who have known each other for six years, found their way out of trouble via music. "D-Roc and Smurf had been in the game way before me," says Kaine. "At the time we were doing this other project called True Dawgs but the record company didn't know what to do with us or our style of music." Back then, the two were drawing inspiration from old school hip-hop as well as Atlanta's town bass scene and synthesizing them into something new. Their music was part of the early beginnings of the 'crunk' phenomenon. Shortly after their deal went sour, the duo made a guest appearance on ATL's legendary DJ Smurf's Dead Crunk LP. After hearing the chemistry between the two on his record, DJ Smurf suggested that they ought to stay together as a group instead of pursuing solo careers. "I came up with the idea for the Ying Yang twins," says Kaine. "I brought it by D-Roc, he liked it, so we ran from there."

As the Ying Yang Twins, the crafty duo have been winning over scores of fans with their electrifying shows. The group debuted in 2000, when they dropped their surprise hit "Whistle While You Twurk" an infectious track that became the national anthem for exotic dancers everywhere that their star really began to shine. "We really just put that song out for the strip clubs in the ATL," says D-Roc. "We didn't plan on that song getting Universal's attention 'cause everybody don't know what Magic City, Blue Flame or Foxy Lady was." In no time, "Whistle While You Twurk" went from being a local hit to occupying the number one spot on the Billboard rap singles chart. Thug Walkin', the Twins' highly charged dynamic debut LP, was recorded in a week and was one of the hottest records of the year.

Ying Yang Twins rose to mainstream popularity in 2003 collaborating with Britney Spears on her "In the Zone" album and Lil Jon on "Get Low". In 2004 and 2005, Ying Yang Twins became more popular with party singles "Salt Shaker", "What's Happnin", "Shake" and "Badd". They have received notoriety for their song "Halftime (featuring Homebwoi)" which is played at New Orleans Saints homegames after most touchdowns. In 2008, the hip hop duo released The Official Work mixtape. In 2009, they followed with their Ying Yang Forever mixtape. Just three months later, the duo released Legendary Status: Ying Yang Twins Greatest Hits. As recently as, 2013, the Ying Ying Twins released Ass in Session and Twurk or Die mixtapes. Now, in 2017, the group is determined to make it back to the limelight. They have been in the studio working and have volumes of old and new content to release. They are planning a US and world tour for the summer of '17.



Top Flite Empire, is the most significant hip-hop group to rise up from the Rockies. Top Flite Empire is comprised of rap artists King Tef (Sean Garris) and Hypnautic (Brian Godeaux), producer Cheff Premier (Jesus Wvalle) and DJ Kush. Established in 2011 in Denver, Colorado, Top Flite Empire draws upwards of 2,500 people per show, regionally. Collectively, Top Flite has rocked over one million people with their performances and their videos have exceeded 1 million views on You Tube. Top Flite Empire has performed alongside the likes of the Lil Wayne, Mac 10, Tech9, Yin Yang Twins, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Lil Scrappy, Paul Wall, E-40, Goodie Mob, Jermaine Dupri, Baby Bash, Too Short and Macklemore.

Top Flite Empire’s path has not been one without struggle.  King Tef, born Sean Garris, began his life as an entertainer at the age of 5. However, after being diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 8, Tef was hospitalized on and off for a several years, unable to perform and do what he loved.  Using his unfortunate illness as fuel and motivation, he bounced back and started work on perfecting his craft. Tef went on to win flourish as an entertainer, winning numerous high school talent shows, local talent shows, and performing at an array of local Colorado events. But tragedy struck again in 2002 with his brother’s untimely passing. While Tef always enjoyed entertaining the crowd, it wasn’t until after his brother passed that he decided to take up rapping in 2004. Rap was his brother’s favorite hobby, and Tef found himself drawn to his brother’s craft in his absence.

With Cajun roots, Hypnautic, born Brian Godeaux, was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. He attended public schools right around the corner from the infamous Columbine High School, and sadly, most kids involved in the shooting were his friends. Hypnautic was always one who gravitated to trouble, eventually becoming the neighborhood drug dealer and criminal. Tragically, his life took an emotional turn when two days before his high school graduation, one of his closest childhood friends died during a round of Russian roulette. This event was the first domino in a series of heartbreaking life events, including the passing of several others close to him and his being on the run between Texas and Colorado trying to establish a “home”.  Hypnautic finally decided to settle in Colorado, and he headed straight to the studio to pursue his love of music.  Music not only became his escape from a troubled path, but was also a form of therapy for him.  Music saved his life.

In 2009, King Tef and Hypnautic, along with Marcus Cox, their hype man and business partner, created Top Flite Empire a Denver-based, independent rap group.  As Top Flite Empire expanded, they welcomed super producer Cheff Premier.


• 2009 – 2015: Performed in all major venues throughout the Rocky Mountain region, with more than 50 headlining shows

• 2010 – 2016: Co-headlined the world’s largest 4/20 rally with attendance upwards of 80,000 people

• 2014: Had a Top 10 most requested songs on Sirius XM for the month of October (“OTFTM”), which was picked up by all major hip-hop blogs and magazines in the US, including MTVJamz and Much Music, and garnered region wide radio play

• 2015: Co-Headline Support at KS107.5 All Stars 4 Concert with Lil Wayne, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Lil Jon, Mack 10 and Jermaine Dupri

• 2015: Featured artist in HipHopDX (the largest hip-hop blog in the world) first ever docuseries “In My City: Denver” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faindn9UcZg)

• 2016: Released first album (Bad Decisions) and placed #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #9 on iTunes Hip-Hop Chart

• 2016: Featured in The Source, Global Grind, ThisIs50.com, The Huffington Post, MTV, HipHopDX, Respect, VIBE, HotNewHipHop, RapFest

• 2016: Singles "Loop & Joop" and "#LIT" received accolades from major hip-hop publications (The Source, XXL, HipHopDX...)

• 2016: Co-Headline Support at KS107.5 All Stars 2016 Concert with Wiz Khalifa, Fat Joe, The Game, and Kent Jones. 








Call me a particular individual, if you’d like. I might be a little uncommon in style and dynamic in character, but at least I’m comfortable in my own skin. I skateboard, smoke weed, stay goofy and live life according to my own philosophy. Rap is my passion, but I love the art of life. Each day I stay open to what life’s got to teach in hopes of bettering myself, my family, and my team. I’m motivated by the lifestyles of great men such as Pharrell Williams, Will Smith and Kanye West. These men carry a drive, dedication, and passion that can be seen and felt through their work. I strive for eternal optimism, and I will not stop until I find it.

Most of my past memories have something to do with music. The days my mother would play Motown throughout the house and the nights filled with jazz were my favorite. I remember singing Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson songs in public places as a child while bystanders and my mother cheered me on. One summer my father mailed me a skateboard and handful of Bob Marley and the Wailers cassette tapes. The combination of the reggae in my headphones and the skateboard under my feet created a feeling that changed who I was. A few years later I found myself on road trips with my uncle discovering blues, funk, and neo-soul music.

My stepfather was a heavy alcoholic and I quickly understood the impact alcoholism has on people. It frightened and frustrated me, so I began to smoke and dive deeper into music.  It wasn’t difficult for me to find weed, and quite a few kids at school wanted it; so naturally, I also began to sell weed. With this lifestyle change came partying and consistent freestyling. My greatest lessons in life, both good and bad, came from my involvement with marijuana. I’ve provided for and helped people in need, and I’ve been robbed for tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin and have been on both sides of a gun. The world slows down when you look down a barrel in the hands of a man who has no concern for your life. And in those few eternal seconds, the way you think will change forever. It was after this experience that Mr. Grigsby was born.

Music has been the focus of my life ever since. Filled with highs lows and everything in between, nothing feels better than to say I’ve found a way to make it work. My team provides the guidance, support, and structure for greatness, and I can proudly say these three names got me here: The Green Solution, 7:7 Enterprises, and FOGO Management. I’ve started to employ family members and empower friends, but this is only the beginning of what is to come. I’ve started to bring my dreams into reality.

Live a life that you love to become what you dream.