Executive Production services

At Fogo Manageement, we know what it takes to get your product to the right place musically. Having been mentored by some of the best A&Rs in the history of hip hop music, we know exactly how to find and cultivate the sound that is right for you as an artist. We've successfully constructed full, end-to-end rap and pop music projects. Our artist, Top Flite Empire, topped charts on Billboard and made the "Top 10" on iTunes Hip Hop. We work with most of the major record labels, utilize the industry's best producers (including Dem Jointz, Sounwave, Twice As Nice, Smokey Got Beats, 808 Mafia) and have received extensive coverage in major blogs and magazines (including The Source, XXL, HipHopDX, HotNewHipHop, Forbes, Huffington Post).

Most indie artists don't understand the importance of an Executive Producer (EP). Unlike film or TV, a musical EP is significantly more involved in the creative process and has more control over the artist style and the performance. At Fogo Management, we GET this. We know the music EP has to act as a producer and director rolled into one, and accordingly, we help our artists fine tune their performance. Our expertise at Fogo is in the designing, staging and presentation of the music and the artist.

Using our EP services allows you to focus on making music while we help to shape the creative side of your project. Our executive production services include the following:

- Song writing and selection
- Selection of recording locations
- Hiring the musicians
- Hiring the producer
- A&R direction
- Sound engineering
- Vocal arrangements
- Orchestration
- Linear content
- Securing featured artists
- Music distribution
- Cover art
- Marketing plans
- Brand creation and implementation
- Social media activation
- Managing budgets
- Managing production timetables

If interested, please email fogomanagement@gmail.com for more details.

artist branding

Most artists believe if they have a hot song and video, they will somehow become famous and successful overnight. As much as we want to this to be true, it is NOT. Diddy. Lady Gaga. Tom Ford. Aside from their talents, these artists owe their net worth in large part due to the fact they’ve become internationally recognized names. They are more than just names, in fact - they are brands.

What is a "brand", anyway? By definition, brand is a verb that simply means "to mark indelibly".

Think about branding as a logo by which people will be able to recognize you. Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and what your goals are. A strong brand can capture the attention of a potential fan, and, moreover, it can help people remember you and connect with your work. If this happens enough times, you will find yourself with a budding fan base.

Though branding yourself as an artist is important, lets face the facts: great branding alone does not make you a great artist, and being a great artist doesn’t always make you a profitable artist. At Fogo Management, we build from the very core of the artists we work with. We create campaigns and identities that personify our artists, and we are responsible for helping them build their creative proposition beyond the music as we help them bring their music to market.

We devise strategies to get our artists' music heard by diverse audiences. We work to create so much attention around a release that people become so invested and excited they can't wait to buy their music. From day one, we work hand and hand with you, the artist, and your management team (if you have one) to develop an overall aesthetic and branding for you via logo, artwork design, photography and visual content.

What we do at Fogo is unique. We understand musicians are living, breathing souls that can change and adapt, but their branding must see them through the change. We make it our job to help our artists develop and promote a consistent an memorable ‘brand’ around them.

If interested, please email fogomanagement@gmail.com for more details.