Proximity Music Conference (PRXMTY)

PRXMTY is a conference I launched in 2014 as direct response to numerous growing issues plaguing the urban music business. Even though the “urban” consumer performs a majority of urban music’s product and consumption, the small, powerful group of individuals controlling the urban music market and benefiting from the sale of urban music is not.  This bothered me tremendously, so I decided to find a solution to bridge that gap.

The conference focuses primarily on millennials interested in pursuing careers in the music business, with the emphasis on the urban music markets.  Because technological advances and our ability to consume music in a variety of ways, has led to a shift in the traditional format of the music business, it is imperative now more than ever that individuals have equal access to the education necessary to thrive within, and benefit from, this industry.

PRXMTY has grown from a regional showcase and conference to a nationwide brand supported by the worldwide urban music powerhouse The Blueprint Group/Maverick. PRXMTY features music business and artist instruction from The Blueprint Group and its trusted team of top music advisers and insiders from across the world. The Blueprint Group is the home of some of the most successful hip-hop acts in the world, including Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and G-Eazy.  

While most conferences stick to the music convergence cities of NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Nashville, we charted a difference course. PRXMTY's goal is to educate individuals who do not have direct access to the business and industry of music. By creating mobile conferences, powered by distinguished industry panelists, most of whom are high level executives within the industry with decades of experience, PRXMTY will provide conference participants the building blocks needed to cultivate successful careers via its panel discussions and Q&A sessions.   

PRXMTY will be a one-day conference in each city that will focus on the following:

1.     Job opportunities in the music industry;

2.     How the synchronicity of many of these jobs play a part in how the industry works;

3.     Access to the industry via in-person networking with senior music executives;

4.     Guidance and tools, specifically around strategic marketing and promotion, empowering the individual to create a role and be successful in the industry; and

5.     Discovery of new talent.